Dr Solomon Abrahams lectures at several universities including the Institute of Child Health at University College London, University of Hertfordshire and London Metropolitan University. He is also published over 45 Clinical research articles, and two published books for Doctors and Physiotherapists.

Sports Injuries in Children and Adolescents: An Essential Guide for Diagnosis, Treatment and Management

This book is designed to help those doctors, clinicians and respected therapists who work with children and adolescents in the sports medicine field.
It provides specialist information, evidenced based, in a unique area of medicine. Comprehensive but concise, this guide will help clinicians in the diagnosis and management of common and less common injuries seen in this important age group.

Published Books Dr Solomon Abrahams

Musculoskeletal Medicine in Primary Care: An Essential Guide for Examination, Diagnosis and Management

This book is designed to help MSK Physicians, Physiotherapists, Osteopaths, G.Ps and other respected colleagues in the examination, diagnosis and management of Common MSK pathologies presenting in primary care.

Chapters are sectioned according to the anatomical area of the body. Each chapter consists of Basic Anatomy, Subjective (including differential diagnosis and red flags) and Objective examination, Observation and Physical examination, special tests (and their reliability), Pathologies, key points and flow charts for triaging.